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Who is the dictator of Cuba?Fidel Castro
Who was the dictator of Iraq?Saddam Hussain
In which state was George W Bush governor before becoming President of the United States?Texas
In which state was Bill Clinton governor before becoming President of the United States?Arkansas
In what year became John Major the leader of the Conservative Party?In the year 1990
In what year was the Berlin wall built?In the year 1961
How were called the British women who fought for women s suffrage?Sufragettes
Who was the Portuguese dictator at the time of Franco?Salazar
What is the defoliant called that was used in Vietnam?Agent Orange
What is the most spoken language in Belgium?Dutch language
How many heads of presidents are carved into Mount Rushmore?Four heads
For how many years is a French president elected?Seven years
Who is the only British Prime Minister to be murdered?Spencer Percival
In which country happened the Orange Revolution between 2004-2005?Ukraine
Which country had a Prime Minister and President who were twin brothers?Poland

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