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Who was the first man to fly around the earth with a spaceship?Gagarin
On which hemisphere were the most dinosaur skeletons found?The northern hemisphere
What color is cobalt?Blue
Who invented vulcanized rubber?Goodyear
What is the organ that is affected when one is suffering from hepatitis?Liver
Which device do we use to look at the stars?Telescope
Which unit indicates the light intensity?Candela
Who is the father of the atomic bomb?Robert Oppenheimer
Who invented the barometer?Torricelli
Who was the first American in space?Alan Shepard
Two brothers invented the hot air balloon. What was their surname?Montgolfier
Who was the inventor of the steam engine?James Watt
Which device was invented by Henry Mill?The typewriter
What is the lightest existing metal?Aluminium
What is the substance known by the chemical formula NH3?Ammoniac
What are the three primary colors?Blue, yellow and red
Who discoved one of the first antibiotics: penicillin ?Alexander Fleming
Which planet is nearest the sun?Mercury

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