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What used to be the currency of Italy? Lira
In what country was pesetas the currency?Spain
Which country is the largest producer of olive oil?Spain
What is the world s largest office building?Pentagon
Which currency is at home on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange?South African rand
What is the main component in glass?Sand
Which country is the origin of the car brands Daewoo and Kia?South Korea
Where does a car with the letters CH come from?Switzerland
What is the national currency of Albania?Albanese lek
What is the national airline of Australia?Qantas
In which military camp is the US gold reserve stored?Fort Knox
What is the national currency of Laos?Laos Kip
Which prehistoric animal does also indicate a large tanker?Mammoth
What is the brand of the oldest sewing machines?Singer
Where was built the first subway?In London
Between which two places did the first railway track in the UK run?Stockton to Darlington
In which country is Varig Airlines based?Brazil
What is Pakistan s currency?Rupee
How many digits does an IBAN number consist of?Fourteen digits
What is the official currency in Nepal?Rupee
Which Japanse car brand did exist from 1932 until 1983?Datsun
What is the biggest oil company in the United States?Exxon Mobil
Which company was establised in the year 1962 by Sam Walton and is one of the biggest employers in the world?Walmart
Which Italian family is in charge of FIAT?Agnelli
What was the currency of Greece before the introduction of the EURO?Drachme

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