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What is the capital of Turkey? Ankara
What is the national animal of China?Giant panda
Which Turkish city has the name of a cartoon character?Batman
What is the noisiest city in the world?Hong Kong
What is the name of the desert area in Mexico?Sonora
What is a very cold part of Russia?Siberia
How many continents are there?Seven
On which Italian island is Palermo?Sicily
How many time zones are there in the world?Twenty-four
Which is the largest desert on earth?Sahara
Which river is flowing through Rome?Tiber
Which country did once have the name Rhodesia?Zimbabwe
What island, which belonged to Denmark, was independent in 1944?Iceland
What is the largest state of the United States?Alaska
On which continent can you visit Sierra Leone?Africa
Which European river does flow through six different countries?Donau river
What is the longest river in Europe?Wolga river
Through which capital does the Liffey river flow?Dublin
What is the second largest country in Europe after Russia?France
What is the capital of the American state Hawaii?Honolulu
What do the Japanese people call their own country?Nippon
In which country is Krakow located?Poland
What is the largest city in Canada?Toronto
What is the capital city of Australia ?Canberra
Which two seas are joined by the Suez Canal?The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Seas

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