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1What is the capital of Australia?Canberra
2The name of an evergreen tree or bush that grows in Australia.Eucalyptus
3Name a herbivorous marsupial living in Australia. Koala
4What is the largest city in Australia? Sydney
5What is the highest mountain on the continent? Kosciuzko
6What is Australia’s form of government? Monarchy
7Australia used to be a dominion of which country? Great Britain
8What is Australia’s rank by surface area in the world?Sixth
9What is the largest river in Australia? River Murray
10What is the population of Australia? 23 million
11Is it true that Australia is a continent with the largest number of venomous things? Yes, it is true.
12What is a distinct feature of Lake Eyre which is located in Australia? It is the driest lake in the world
13What is a feature of Australian currency? The banknotes are made of plastic
14Name the island located south of Australia.Tasmania
15What is the most venomous animal living in Australia? Octopus
16What climate zone is the majority of Australia in?Tropical
17Australia has the largest reserves of this metal.Zirconium
18Name a large sand-and-salt desert in Australia.Victoria Desert
19What is Australia’s lowest point? The bottom of Lake Eyre: - 16 meters
20What Australian animals are depicted on the country s coins?Lyre-bird and echidna
21Name the gulf in the northern part of the continent Gulf of Carpentaria
22Name the strait in the Pacific Ocean that separates Australia from New Guinea.Torres Strait
23Official language in Australia English
24Who is the formal head of state in Australia? The Queen
25What is the most famous building in Sydney? Opera