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1What does the word dinosaur mean in Greek?Fearful lizard
2Mention the dinosaur whose name means “lizard under a roof”Stegosaurus
3Mention the name of the dinosaur, which translates as “well protected head”Euoplocephalus
4Mention the name of the dinosaur, which means “lizard-tyrant”: Tyrannosaurus
5Trilobites are the closest “relatives” of which fish?Crayfish
6Stegocephalus is a representative of which kind of animal?Amphibians
7Which period is characterized by thick forests formed by giant ferns, puzzlegrass and clubmoss? Carboniferous period
8When did dinosaurs become extinct?Approximately 65 million years ago
9Birds and mammals evolved from which group of animals?Reptiles
10The plesiosaurus was an ancient reptile. What ability did it have?Ability to swim
11Mention the dinosaur whose name translates as “double beamed”Diplodocus
12Mention the dinosaur whose name is translated as “elegant jaw”Compsognathus
13Mention the dinosaur whose name means “deep chest lizard”Brachiosaurus
14The name of which dinosaur means “triple horned”?Triceratops
15When did the life of earth begin according to scientists?Approximately 3.5 billion years ago
16Dinichtys is a representative of which group of animals?Fish
17When did ancient reptiles begin to thrive?Approximately 350,000 years ago
18During which period did dinosaurs thrive?Jurassic period
19Pterosaurus was an ancient reptile. Which ability did it have?Ability to fly
20Ichtiosaurus was an ancient reptile. Which ability did it have?Ability to swim
21During which era did dinosaurs dominate the world?Mesozoic era
22For how many years did dinosaurs dominate the Earth? 160 million years
23Which natural phenomenon caused an evolutionary explosion among reptiles? Global warming
24What is called the most ancient species of dinosaurs known to man?Staurikosaurus
25Which dinosaur was larger than the tyrannosaurus?Spinosaurus
26Which dinosaurs did have feathers?Caudipteryx
27The first dinosaur eggs were discovered in 1859. Which dinosaur did they belong to?Hypselosaurus
28Whic dinosaur was discovered in the Antarctic?Ankylosaurus
29To which dinosaur does the largest skull belong?Torosaurus
30The biggest Canivorous dinosaur is?Spinosaurus