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1Who is the fourth musketeer besides D Artagnan, Athos and Porthos?Aramis
2Who killed the Minotaur ?Theseus
3Which Egyptian woman was considered as the inventor of agriculture? She married her brother and together they had a son: Horus.Isis
4Who is the giant with 100 eyes according to the Greek mythology?Argus
5Whose box did Epimethius open?Pandora s box
6What is the name of the winged horse in Greek mythology?Pegasus
7Who wrote Oliver Twist?Charles Dickens
8On which island did Ernest Hemingway stay to be able to write much?Cuba
9Where is set the book A Small Town in Germany by John Le Carre?Bonn
10In which country did Shakespeare s Hamlet live?Denmark
11Who was the wife of Othello?Desdemona
12Who was the imaginary love of Don Quixote?Dulcinea
13In which two languages did the Irish writer Samuel Beckett write?English and French
14Which book Mary Shelley wrote when she was 19?Frankenstein
15Who said "I think therefore I am"?Rene Descartes
16What is the English name of the Russian novel titled Voyna i Mir?War and peace
17What is the name of the infamous novel by Vladimir Nabokov?Lolita
18In which book did Sherlock Holmes first show up?Study In Scarlet
19What is the name of the first complete novel written by Charles Dickens?The Pickwick Papers
20In which part of Shakespeare do you find the character Ophelia?Hamlet
21Who is the hero in the book Da Vinci Code?Professor Robert Langdon
22Who wrote Moby Dick?Herman Melville
23Who solves the crime in "Death on the Nile"?Hercule Poirot
24Who wrote Jungle Book?Rudyard Kipling
25Who wrote The Hunchback of Notredame?Victor Hugo
26Who wrote the harry potter seriesJk rowling