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What is Elvis Presley s middle name?Aaron
Who is the singer of The Counting Crows?Adam Duritz
Who was the Queen of Soul?Aretha Franklin
What is the lowest male voice?Bass voice
Which famous group was once known as The Quarrymen?The Beatles
What was the name of AC / DC s lead singer who died in 1980?Bon Scott
What is Madonna s full nameMadonna Louise Ciccone
What is the name of the Irish singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest twice?Johnny Logan
What is the noisy invention of Louis Glass in 1890 called?Jukebox
Who is the frontman of The Prodigy?Keith Flint
Who is the drummer of Metallica?Lars Ulrich
Which group did have a hit with the Macarena?Los Del Rio
Who did win the most Grammy Awards in the 80?Michael Jackson
How many strings has a mandolin got?Eight strings
What is the biggest hit of Bing Crosby?White Christmas
What is the surname of the singer Rihanna?Fenty
Which British pop group had a hit called Angel Eyes in the seventies?Roxy Music
How many lines has a music staff (or music stave) got?Five lines
Which singer was nicknamed the Voice of Europe after having wun the Eurovision Song Contest three times?Johnny Logan
Who composed the music for the Spaghetti Western The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with Clint Eastwood ?Ennio Morricone

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