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What is the name of a medicinal mud? Fango
What do you call a native of Kenya?Kenyan
What is the official language in Kosovo?Albanian
Which weekday is domingo in Spanish and dimanche in French?Sunday
What do you call a motorcycle with four wheels?Quad
How do you say AIDS in French?Sida
What is the meaning of the Arab word Habibi?Sweetheart
What does the abbreviation GPS mean?Global Positioning System
What is the most spoken language in the world?Chinese language
What does the abbreviation SMS mean?Short Message Service
What is another word for wall painting or mural?Fresco
Which language group includes Irish, Welsh and Breton?Celtic languages
What is the meaning of the following abbreviation: IBM?International Business Machines
What is the islamic term for fast?Ramadan
What is the much nicer name for the dung beetle, which was used in the ancient Egypt?Scarab
What is the Turkish word for lamb?Kebab
What is the Spanish word for black?Negro
What does glasnost mean in Russian politics?Openness
What does the name of the Russian newspaper Pravda mean?Truth
What does the Latin proverb -Errare Humanum est- meanErr is human
To which language is Portuguese closely related?Spanish language
What word is used in Hawaii both to greet and to say goodbye?Aloha
What is the singular of Scampi ?Scampo
Which is the world s second largest French-speaking city?Montreal (Canada)

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