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What color is the French wine Beaujolais?Red color
What should you do in the Arab countries to show that the food was delicious?Belch
Which nuts are used in marzipan?Almonds
From which cactus is tequila made?Agave
From which country does pitta bread originate?Greece
Which country is the origin of the cocktail Mojito?Cuba
What is the well known drink from Greece?Ouzo
What is called a meal in open air?Picnic
Which cheese is traditionally used for pizzas?Mozzarella
Which country is the origin of the Stella beer?Belgium
From which country is the famous Emmental Cheese?Switzerland
What is the most famous Mexican beer?Corona
What is the name of the gas that let rise bread dough?Carbon dioxide
What is Japanese sake made from?Rice
What is bottled a lot in the French town Vichy?Water
Which French town is known for its mustard?Dijon
What is the chemical formula for Table Salt?NaCl
What beer is marketed as The king of beers?Budweiser
What is the name of the pan in which one makes paella?Paella (Paella means pan)
With which fruit is Kriek beer (a Belgium brew) is flavoured?Cherries
What is the real meaning of the Greek word Pita?Bread
What is the Hungarian word for pepper?Paprika
What is a banana called in Malaysia?Pisang
What is the most famous beer in Ireland?Guiness

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